AlkaViva Athena Sediment Shield Ionizer Filter


AlkaViva Internal Standard PreFilter for H2 Water Ionizers $99.95

AlkaViva Fluoride Shield Ionizer Filter


AlkaViva (Jupiter) UltraWater Ionizer Filter  $109.95

AlkaViva (Jupitor) BioStone and ultra Filters

AlkaViva Athena Combo - BioStone Plus & Fluoride Shield  $169.90

AlkaViva (Jupiter) BioStone Basic 3.0M Ionizer Filter  $89.95

AlkaViva Internal .01 Ultra Fine Secondary Filter for H2 Water Ionizers $109.95

AlkaViva (Jupiter) BioStone Plus 3.0M Ionizer Filter $99.95

AlkaViva H2 Model Water Ionizers (Melody II (H2), Athena H2 & Vesta H2) use two filters.

AlkaViva Remineralizer Max Ionizer Filter

AlkaViva Vesta Replacement Filters Set $134.95

AlkaViva Internal Secondary Carbon Filter for H2 Water Ionizers $99.95

AlkaViva (Jupiter) Original Biostone .01M Ionizer Filter


AlkaViva UltraWater Phd / CT-700 Replacement Filter


These Filters are not compatible with earlier Model machines of the same name.  In 2017 the H2 models began using Smart Filter Technology.  These filters have a wire at the top that plugs into a connector in the machine.  The Original H2 Filters and Smart Filters are not interchangeable, so please be careful in your selection.


AlkaViva Athena Combo - .01M Biostone + Sediment Shield $144.90