AlkaViva Remineralizer Max Ionizer Filter

AlkaViva Athena Sediment Shield Ionizer Filter


AlkaViva Internal Standard PreFilter for H2 Water Ionizers $99.95

AlkaViva Fluoride Shield Ionizer Filter


AlkaViva (Jupiter) UltraWater Ionizer Filter  $109.95

AlkaViva (Jupitor) BioStone and ultra Filters

AlkaViva Athena Combo - BioStone Plus & Fluoride Shield  $169.90

AlkaViva (Jupiter) BioStone Basic 3.0M Ionizer Filter  $89.95

AlkaViva Internal .01 Ultra Fine Secondary Filter for H2 Water Ionizers $109.95

AlkaViva (Jupiter) BioStone Plus 3.0M Ionizer Filter $99.95

AlkaViva H2 Model Water Ionizers (Melody II (H2), Athena H2 & Vesta H2) use two filters.

AlkaViva Athena Combo - .01M Biostone + Sediment Shield $144.90

AlkaViva Internal Secondary Carbon Filter for H2 Water Ionizers $99.95

AlkaViva Vesta Replacement Filters Set $134.95

These Filters are not compatible with earlier Model machines of the same name.  In 2017 the H2 models began using Smart Filter Technology.  These filters have a wire at the top that plugs into a connector in the machine.  The Original H2 Filters and Smart Filters are not interchangeable, so please be careful in your selection.

AlkaViva (Jupiter) Original Biostone .01M Ionizer Filter



AlkaViva UltraWater Phd / CT-700 Replacement Filter